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How do I register ?

Registering is Easy. Use the register icon and it will ask you to fillout your username and email. Password will be emailed to you. We made the registration in this way to lower risk of getting spammed.

How to Play Clash Royale?

Here are some cool videos from Chief Pat to show you the basics!

Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. #1: The Basics!

Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. #2: Multiplayer Battles!

How to join the Clan Group?

It’s simple. Once you register , ask one of the members to send you the invitation. But don’t forget, you have to be part of the Plan to be able to join our Private group. If you are not part of the Clan then there are still plenty of resources for you to help in growing Clash Royale Skills !

Why did I get kicked out from the Clan ?

Few rules we maintain in this Clan. Particularly Crown chest and Donations. If you are inactive then it’s better for the clan to get members that are active.

How about other Games?

Do you play other games and you love it? Please head to the forum. We have multiple game discussion boards available. Post your questions and the community will get engaged.

How can I have my video in the Gameplay page?

If you have some cool gameplay that you would like to be shared, please request that in the Game and then share it. We will record your highlights and upload it in YouTube and of course in our Gameplay page !


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